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Grow up: a Mercedes-Benz original series

A branded entertainment series and new global campaign for the compact cars of Mercedes-Benz. 

Mercedes-Benz is viewed as a traditional symbol of success for an older generation. We had to get our five new compact cars considered by a new generation of drivers; drivers that wouldn’t dare be seen in the car that their parents own. "Grow up" is a brand campaign about rewriting the rules of life established by previous generations, bringing the values of Mercedes-Benz into 2017. Five films, directed by Gustav Johansson, anchor the campaign’s content-first approach.

The work was recognised with a Bronze Lion and four shortlists at Cannes, while the overall campaign has been the most universally adapted in brand history, coming to life in over 50 countries. It was the most awarded campaign at the ADCs and named “Campaign of the Year” in Germany to go along with a 2018 Silver Effie.  

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