Tillamook - "Dairy Done Right"

Intro of the page and the campaign

A brand re-launch and first-in-industry community platform for Tillamook - a farmer-owned dairy cooperative.

"Big Food" conglomerates like Kraft and Nestle were getting away with selling cheap, low-quality dairy. It was time to raise our pitchforks and take a stand for real, honest food. The multi-Effie winning work helped grow the Tillamook business an unprecedented 42%, including overtaking Nestle's Dreyers as the #1 ice cream brand in California.

The Tillamook Co-Op

Our ads directed dairy-lovers to a first-in-industry community where they could join our company, and have a voice in their food. The Tillamook Co-Op allows members to vote on real company decisions, fund independent food entrepreneurs through Kiva microloans, ask farmers for advice, and even name Tillamook cows. 

We've reached almost 100,000 members who have voted on new products that we've brought to market, helped fund dozens of real food entrepreneurs, and submitted thousands ideas for making Tillamook better. 

The Annual Members Meeting

Hundreds of our members also gathered IRL for the first Annual Co-Op Members Meeting, where they got to engage in an open conversation with Tillamook’s farmer-owners, cheesemakers and CEO. Three new products were also decided upon by the community.